Sochi is a city in Russia, located on the north-eastern coast of the Black Sea (the Black Sea coast of Russia) in the Krasnodar Region, at a distance of 1,700 km from Moscow.

Sochi is the largest city resort in Russia, an important transport hub, as well as a major economic and cultural center of the Black Sea coast of Russia.

Unofficially it is also called the summer, southern and resort «capital» of Russia.

Sochi is the longest city in Russia and the second longest city in the world after Mexico City, whose length is 200 km, and Sochi — 146 km.

2014 — Sochi is the capital of the Winter Olympic Games. The XXII Winter Olympics took place 7-23 Feb 2014 and were followed two weeks later by the Winter Paralympic Games, 7-18 Mar 2014. The Olympic and Paralympic Games were held in Sochi and the nearby ski resort “Roza Khutor” at Krasnaya Polyana. It was the first time Russia had hosted Olympics since the breakup of the USSR in 1991.