St. Petersburg is a relatively young (300 years of history) and the most European of all Russian cities. Its architecture was created by mostly Italian architects. As in everything that happens in Russia, in the image of the city there is no direct imitation, and its own unique style has been worked out.

It is difficult to understand Petersburg for a tourist who came here for 2-3 days. If you stay up late, you can see the White Nights, which last from the end of May to the end of July. You can also see raising of the bridges accompanied by the music of Tchaikovsky, try day and night boat riding along the rivers and canals, festivals with fireworks and concerts. The city does not sleep and neither do our tourists.

5-8 days in St. Petersburg give a less chaotic picture of what is happening, you get a better understanding of the city, start to feel it. The tourist begins to feel at home here. Be careful not to get addicted! That’s because the city welcomes any foreigner in a friendly manner, it has been so from the very beginning of its foundation. Do not be offended if you are not answered a question, maybe the locals wanted to help and answer, but did not know how. More days in the city mean a chance to see more: Gatchina, Konstantinovsky Palace, Oranienbaum, Kronstadt, a chance to go to Valaam, Novgorod, discover a new cozy place and have a nice time with a cup of coffee.

St. Petersburg is not only the city of White Nights, the season lasts from April to mid-October. Christmas and New Year are also a reason to see the city, you will not be cold!