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St. Petersburg is famous for its ballet school all over the world. World stars, such as Anna Pavlova, Galina Ulanova and Mikhail Barishnikov, performed in the Mariinsky theatre, and nowadays the traditions are carried on by new geniuses of the stage. The Mariinsky theatre is without any doubt the #1 stage, but there are some theatres, where you can see highly a professional creative troupe and classic choreographed performances. “Swan Lake” is a must-watch in summer, and the highlight of the Christmas time is “The Nutcracker” by Chaikovsky.

You also have an opportunity to see the modern choreography by Boris Eifman (his ballets are often on the stage of Alexandrinsky theatre in summer) or visit the new stage of “Mariinsky-2”.

The Bolshoy Theatre in Moscow is also worth visiting, especially the historical stage, where you’ll have a great pleasure.


A unique tourist attraction that allows you to feel the history and soul of Russia in one night! Both cities, St.Petersburg  and Moscow, welcome you to see the best performances.

There are 2 well-known performances on stage in St. Petersburg:

“Bagatitsa” (translates as a fire) — is performed on the stage of the “Panin’s theatre”  and “Feel Yourself Russian” — takes place in Nikolayevsky palace.

The show in Moscow is called “The Russian National Dance Show “Kostroma”- they have been performing on the stage of the modern folklore theater “Russkaya Pesnya”.

What do they have in common?

  • Cossacks’ dances and songs by professional ensembles,
  • Beautiful historically accurate costumes
  • Atmosphere of an unforgettable festival: temperament and humor
  • many seasons of great success on stage


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